This is a tour that will give you complete pleasure during an exciting ride along the shores of the enchanting Bay of Kotor. You will enjoy a panoramic view of fishing villages, churches, and many other historical monuments.

How one Excursion can define the term Serenity

Your opinion about the Kotor Bay might already be established, but what will truly cement your impression about this Montenegrin jewel is the cruise that lies ahead.

As soon as we start making our way through the calm waters of the bay, you’ll be mesmerized by the seascape and the multiple timestamps, discernible by countless events that occurred in the history of the Bay of Kotor. While cruising through the place further down the line you can see many significant sites that embody the lifestyle of fisherman and other locals from this area. After a while, you’ll either catch yourself lost in thoughts about the chronicles from the past or just enjoy your mindful sea trip.

After cruising the gulf for a while you’ll have your eyes fixated on an islet in the middle of the bay. This very place is marked by legends that speak of The Lady of Our Rocks. Namely, the folklore points to two fishermen (of whom one had a leg injury) who, after journeying with their ship, discovered an icon of the Holy Mother with Christ on a crag. After taking it home, the icon disappeared the other day, along with the grave injury of the one fisherman! A few weeks later, they saw it once again on the crag and took an oath to build a church in honor of the gracefulness of The Holy Mother. However, this could not happen at such a tiny spot, so they decided to throw in rocks in this place, thus forming over time an artificial island that could bear the church.

The church has various artistic artefacts that visitors can take pleasure in; baroque paintings from local and foreign artists, an altar that has healing powers, a considerable collection of votives, tapestry, and much more.

Our peaceful journey carries on by sightseeing the beautiful confronting bays of Herceg Novi and Tivat, where the mixture of blue waters with towering green hills promise a deep connection between Men and Mother Nature, but where also man-made beauties like the luxurious Tivat marina lie ahead.

The next stop, preceded by circling the spectacular island Mamula, is the Blue Cave on Lustica Peninsula – accessible only by boat(!). Its name derives from the beautifully nuanced blue water inside the cave, created by reflections from the light hitting the sandy bottom. The blue light radiates so brightly that one can see it even while approaching the spot. However, we decided that a better and more authentic experience would be to enter the cave and enjoy a short but refreshing dip underwater.

A possible last stop might be a short visit to the ex-submarine military base – where an intriguing story awaits you.

Price: 180€ for up to 6 persons. Every additional person price is 30€
Tour duration: 3 hours
Pick up: at the seaport of Kotor, near the city park

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