We welcome avid sailors and explorers of Montenegrin beauties to a cruising tour that allows you to run away from crowded inshore places; where you can see rich biological and cultural diversity from afar and strengthen your bond with Mother Nature.

Feasting your eyes in the Boka Bay

The tour starts at the seaport of Kotor, where a friendly skipper will await travelers on board. As soon as we rev the engine and leave, visitors will be able to discover the hidden gems of Boka Bay; authentic fishing grounds and villages, antique Romanesque churches, Byzantine palaces, and more historical monuments.

Out of many panoramic views, the first one is directly aimed at the islet Our Lady of the Rocks - a site enriched with a mythical legend that goes back more than five centuries. Namely, this is an artificial island that had been expanded by seafarers who found the icon of Madonna and Child on a rock on the sea.

Feeling grateful for safe returns after long journeys, the sailors vowed to honor the Holy Mother and so, little by little and stone after stone, this place became an artificial island that harbors the Lady of the Rocks church. Here, visitors can listen to stories about the artifacts, enjoy the many frescoes, paintings, motives, tapestry, and other items inside the chapel. Outside, guests can stop for a drink or buy souvenirs or ice cream from a store close by.

The next stop on our journey is Perast. A story of its own, this UNESCO heritage site housed once people from the Illyrian, Roman, and Christian periods. It enjoyed prosperity during the Venetian rule, which can be seen by the architecture of the nine defensive towers, Baroque palaces dating from the 17th and 18th century, and distinctive Catholic churches. All in all, an amalgam of timeless buildings and worthwhile visiting when in Montenegro.

Tour duration: 2h
Pick up: City Park, 200m from the entrance to the Old town
Price: 90€ up to 6 people and 15€ per additional person


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