Introductory provisions

Before using this website, please read carefully terms and conditions of “NAUTIKA MARKET” https://nautikamarket.com/ („website“).

Webiste “NAUTIKA MARKET” is owned by NAUTIKA PRESENT DOO NOVI SAD (hereinafter: company).

This text contains a lot of usefull things explaining how to use our platform- general terms of usage, description of services that we provide, rules of advertisement, information about the prices, payments and expences, regulations about protection of personal data and limitation of liability.

General terms of use

These general terms of use of the website apply to any access to the contents of the website.

By accessing and using the website, users agree to the terms and conditions set forth in these terms of use of the website, and they apply as applies any other written agreement. Any use of the website that does not comply with the terms of use will be considered an abuse of the services we provide and a violation of the terms of use.

Website users are considered to be both website visitors and registered users. The user can be a natural or legal person. By using this website, the user confirms that he has the necessary legal capacity for such use and that he/she is entering into a contractual relationship with the company, in accordance with the applicable regulations of the country of residence or registered office.

The Company has the right to use, change and supplement the content of the website https://nautikamarket.com/ for the purpose of providing services to our customers.

The Company informs that it may periodically send notifications to registered users regarding the content of the website, notifications concerning the functioning of the website, news and actions of the company.

The website is intended primarily for advertising the sale of new and used boats and nautical equipment, as well as companies in the field of boat rental, but other services and products can also be advertised, under the conditions and in the manner prescribed by the Law on Advertising. The Company reserves the right not to publish content that violates the interests of the Republic of Serbia and violates the provisions of the law and the legal order of the Republic of Serbia. In case of receiving such an advertisement, the company will contact the advertiser to change the advertisement message.

Data protection

The protection of personal data is of great importance to us and that is why we take good care of the protection and preservation of your data as a user, always being in line with all the principles of data processing prescribed by law.

The reason and purpose of processing of your data is done solely on the basis of your consent and with the aim of meeting your requirements within the services available on our website.

The user chooses independently during registration and he/she is solely responsible for the confidentiality of the password and use of the website via access data. The user must not use other people’s access data without authorization or give his/her user data to unauthorized third parties.

Accurasy and up to date information

The information we receive from you as a user is very important. Therefore, when providing your information on our website or otherwise, you, as the user, are solely responsible for the accuracy, up to date and authenticity of the information provided.

The Company does not accept, nor will it bear any kind of liability or any compensation to the user in case of submission of incorrect data.

Any false, malicious provision of information and data by users entitles the company the right to claim damages from users. In case the information received from the user is incomplete or incorrect, NAUTIKA PRESENT DOO NOVI SAD holds all rights not to provide requested services. In the event that the information received from the user is incomplete or incorrect, the conditions and details of the offers made or concluded contracts may be changed or nulled and voided altogether.

The company is not responsible for the content of the advertising message which violates the provisions of the law and violates the legal order of the Republic of Serbia, the solely responsible for it is the person who advertises, ie who submitted such content to the company or on the website.

The Company has no function, obligations, or liability of mediator, nor does this website serve to mediate between users in their mutual transactions.

User protection

In case of violation of the rights or interests in terms of work the company does, ie the user who is dissatisfied with the provision of services of the company, can report it in writing and send it by mail to the address of the company NAUTIKA PRESENT DOO in Novi Sad, st. Ilije Birčanina no. 13 or by e-mail at https://nautikamarket.com/ with the appropriate evidence.


The Website is protected by the laws of Republic of Serbia and other international regulations that govern intellectual property rights. All details, documents, photographs, illustrations, trademarks, banners and text published on the website are subject under the protection of the intellectual property rights of the company or third parties. Everything on this website can not be interpreted as permission to use any of elements displayed on the company’s website. The content of the website does not include content that the users: create, post, publish or transmit through the platform or website of the company, as well as the content of messages and other communication that the users send to other users or the company.

Use of the website includes searching the website, printing the content found there or storing it electronically, accessing and using the content contained on the Website, under the condition that all copyrights of the company are preserved. The use of any part of the website for commercial purposes or its incorporation into any other publication or website is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized use of any content of the company’s website, without the direct prior permission of the company given in writing, will be considered a violation of the company’s copyright.

The user does not acquire any rights on this website, or any its parts or over the content of the website.

The user agrees and allows, without giving special consent or having additional obligations that in each photo intended to be placed on the website as advertised object, company has right to insert the appropriate company label, as well as to process the posted photos (crop, etc.) in order to fit them into given formats and visual identity of the website, not changing however the content of the photo.

Terms of use

All services of this website are intended exclusively for the needs of users, both individuals and legal entities from the Republic of Serbia and abroad.

By accessing the website https://nautikamarket.com/, users of the site declare that they agree to use the website and its content at their own risk. The company or third party involved in the production or transmission of the website can not be held responsible for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect or any other damage, cost, loss or injury resulting from the ability or inability to access the website, or as a result of relying on the information provided by the website.

The Company does not accept responsibility for any loss caused by viruses that may infect the user’s computer or any other property through the use, access or download of any material from the website.

If the user from the previous paragraph abuses the services of the website in any way, the company reserves the right to compensate against such users.

Users are fully responsible for paying all costs associated with the internet connection and data flow to access the website.

By using or accessing the company’s website, the user communicates with the company electronically. The user agrees to receive communication from the company in the stated manner and accepts that all types of communication that are delivered to the user are legally acceptable and binding means of communication as if they were made in writing.

Registration and user account

User that want to use and have access to all services and possibilities that website has, has to register his/hers user account. Registration is not requried to search through website and see published ads there. 

User has to be over 18 years old, so that he/ she is able to the registration independetly. With registration, user confirms that he/she fulfills all requred conditions, that it has required legal abilities and coresponding legal authorization for conclusion of legal transaction, that are in order with current regulations of the state where user lives.

Registration is free, it is done electronically, delivering and entering necessary information (for natural entities: email, username and password for access on the website, for legal entities all additional legal information)

Registration of any user account is confirmed by link sent in an authomatically generated registration email sent to the user, as soon as the account is activated.

User is in obligation to deliver and enter correct and complete information, which are necessary in order to process registration, as well as any update of the information in case they need changing.

Company will use information for different internal needs including maintainance of account, making sure that user have single account, questions of safety, canceling any errors, technical support and all possible questions of payment.

User will oblige in his/her own name or in the name of third parties which he/she authorized that he/she will respect all terms and conditions of use and is fully responsible for all activities done under his/hers account and he/she is in obligation to warn third parties he/she authorized to also respect all terms and conditions. User is responsible for safety of his/her own account and password. Company doesn’t hold any responsibility for loss or damage done by user’s error to fulfill obligations necessary for safety of all data.

User cannot use its account for any illegal affairs or prohibitted purposes, in any way in contradition of current laws and legal regulations, or in any way that will damage company or users of the website.

User has a right to cancel its account, in any moment or for any reason. User has responsibility for correctly deleting its account. Canceling account by telephone is concidered invalid.

Publishing ads and rules of publishing

Registered user can under prescribed and valid conditions publish ads on the website of the company. Publishing is done electronically, as process on the website, delivering required content and data accordingly with all instructions. 

In order to publish ads, user is in obligation to deliver, apart form information required for registration, data required to enable clear identification of the user: for natural entities- name, surname and telephone number; for legal entities- all legal information submitted after the registration. All information delivered to the company will be used for purposes prescribed by law in order to fulfill contract obligations and providing customer services. Delivered data won’t be published, apart from email adress, username and telephone number in case there is a need to communicate with recipient of the advertising message.

User is solely authorized and responsible for initiating the process of advertising, selection of text, content, data and documents which will be transmitted through the ad. Completing the process for publishing the ad, user issued an order for advertising between himself/herself as user and the company and it is concidered that they are bainded by contract for advertising, which is used for conducting rights and obligations in terms of transmission of advertising message.

With completion of the process of publishing by the user, transmitting rights for advertising and publishing the ad on the website, company completely fulfilled its contract obligations and service is entirely completed. Ads and their content, as well as user informations that are mandatory, will be published in the ad and will be available to all users on the internet, which user is well aware of and gave its consent. 

Company has right to refuse ads which content is in contradiciton with terms and regulations, precribed by Law of advertising and other relevant regulations and the legal order of Republic of Serbia, as well contents of affensive and inappropriate nature, which hurt and damage users and third parties rights.


User content

User content implies to all comunications- sounds, text, content, graphics, photos, images and all material and information the user: delivers, submitts and transmits via website, as well as all activities done under its own account, or third parties in case they are given legal authorities.

User is exclusive owner and entirely responsible for its content and company will not be responsible for any use or publishing of any kind. Company is not obliged to continiously and before hand review, check or track content of the user, but in order to protect safety of the user, company can overlook and follow information and content of users and can keep communication between users during the use of the website.

Company has right but not the obligation to delete, band or unable access to the content which the company conscientiosly access and determines that violates these terms and conditions of use, or in any other way inflicts damage to the website, or it is ordered by a decision of the competent state authorities.

Prices and payment

Prices and payment of the advertisement via website, terms and conditions of payment are arranged by price list and other regulations made and published by the company.

Company has rights to change the prices in any moment, and changes in the prices are effective from the first day they are published. User will bear all expences that can occur during payment, based on the agreement made with the company and correlated with use of the website.

Prices of the advertisement are charged in dinars or dinar exchange rate of the corresponding currency of average exchange rate by National Bank of Serbia on the day of the payment by electronical banking (payments, e commerce, cards VISA DINA MASTER and MAESTRO). User doesn’t hold the right to have its refunds returned, in case the company decides to cancel or remove content which does not comply with terms of use and relevant regulations.

Company will also have services without charge (for free), in a way and under terms made by pricelist and other regulations that follow.

Other regulations

Company as the owner of the website https://nautikamarket.com/ has the right to change general terms without contacting the users before hand. Changes are effective the first day they are published on the website. 

All the changes and additions will be according to the law and other positive regulations made by Republic of Serbia and will be available on the website. All the information on the website is of informative nature.

By using the website, user is confirming that he/she is aware and familiar with these rules and terms of use and he/she accepts them holisticly. Users that want to access the website from other locations outside Republic of Serbia will do that on their own iniciative and be responsible for compatibility with local laws.

Rules, regulations and responsibilities which are not regulated with these terms and conditions, will be regulated by the law of obligations and other relevant laws and bylaws.

In case of any legal dispute about interpreting and appliance of general conditions for use of society, law
competant is the law of the Republic of Serbia and the court of Novi Sad.


Protection of personal data is of great importance for company NAUTIKA PRESENT DOO NOVI SAD, Ilije Birčanina br.13 Novi Sad (in further text: Company).

Company is the owner and entity that controls electronic advertisement, which contains internet portal and application and ables to a wide range of customers to search through ads of other users, to by making registeration, make contact with services they need, as well as publish their own ads under regulated services.

We will explain how we gather personal data, in what purposes and on what legal basis, which are your rights and demands as user and visitor that you have on the website https://nautikamarket.com/, with rules about protection of personal data, which are component of conditions of website use.

Part of our work is arranging data which users of our services deliver to us, while using the website https://nautikamarket.com/, for needs of asked services by users and for needs which users explicitly agreed upon.

Visitor is considered to be any natural or legal person who visits website of the company and searches through ads on it, but it is not registered user or advertiser

Registered user is any natural or legal person and he/ she is registered on the website, and they have their user account. From registered users company collects personal data, in case of natural people its (e-mail adress, name, surname and telephone number) and for legal person relevant business data.

Advetiser is any natural or legal people who register as user, and use services of advertising on the website.

Consent to processing

We kindly ask you that you read and examine the privacy policy carefully and in details. If you agree with the stated way of processing your personal data and with the statement of consent, please tick the appropriate boxes to show your consent.

By agreeing that we process your data and accepting the terms of use of website https://nautikamarket.com/ you give consent to the processing of your personal data in accordance with the applicable regulations of the Republic of Serbia and these terms of use of the website.

Collection and processing of your personal data

When you visit and contact us through our website, we process certain information which represent personal data, and within the offers that are available on our website, we process them exclusively with your consent and only to the extent necessary to provide the requested service.

You are not legally obliged to share your personal data; however some services depend on availability of your personal data. If in any case you don’t give away personal data, certain services will be unavailable or available only to certain extent- and we will not be able to respond to your request completely.

Purposes of use

We use the personal information we collect when you visit our website to:

– fulfilling your requirements within the offers available on our website

– providing information about the products and services available on our website

– maintaining marketing contact with you (sending offers for products and services, advertisements, promotions, campaigns, by phone, SMS, or e-mail)

– Improving the user experience of the client, in order to achieve our legitimate interests.

Transfer personal data to third parties

The company guarantees that your personal data will be transferred only to advertisers of services with which we have concluded a contract, to the extent which is necessary. In order to achieve previously mentioned purpose of using and processing data, giving consent means that your data can be transferred to all partners with whom the company, as a controller, has concluded special agreements in the Republic of Serbia and abroad, and who are authorized for data processing, provided that the standards of the Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Data of the Council of Europe are complied with in the jurisdiction in which the registered office of such third party is situated.

Legal basis of processing

To the extent which you have gave your consent to the processing of your personal data, that consent constitutes the legal basis for the processing in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Processing is necessary to take action before providing the services within the services available on our website. The processing is performed to the extent that the processing of your personal data is necessary to provide the requested service.

In addition, we as a company process personal data for the purpose of protecting our legitimate interests and the legitimate interests of third parties, marketing our products and services, and products and services of third parties, as well as to document business contacts required by law.


We handle personal data with all due care and confidentiality, in accordance with the law, while at the same time taking all technical and personnel measures for data protection.

The Company uses technical and organizational security measures to protect your data from manipulation, loss, threat or access by unauthorized persons. We continuously improve security measures in accordance with technological development.

Canceling personal data

We keep your IP address and the name of your internet service provider for security reasons. We delete your personal data when the purpose for which we collected and processed the data ceases to apply. After that, the data is kept only if it is prescribed by law.


We use cookies and similar software tools (hereinafter: “cookies”) to identify the interests of your use, and to use this information to improve the design of the website, functions and all services to make it even easier to use. For the same purpose, we use analytical tools Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Conversion tracking. We reserve the right to use other cookies and all users will be notified in a timely manner in case there are changes to these privacy policies.

Cookies are small files that, when you visit a website, are stored by your computer, laptop or mobile device. Based on that, we can for example recognize whether there is already a connection between your device and our website, your chosen language, or other preferences between your device and our website. Cookies may also contain personal information. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies. You can also visit our website without consent to the use of cookies, that is, you can refuse the use of cookies and delete them at any time by setting the appropriate settings on your device. If you choose not to use cookies, some features of our website may not be available to you or individual features will only be available to a limited extent.

Social additions

Our website contains advertiser offers that are advertised through our website.

We use special social plugins from social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube on our website.

Rights of a person to whom personal data can be related

As a data subject, you have:

– The right of access

– The right to correction

– The right to delete

– The right to limit processing

– The right to data portability

– As well as other rights in accordance with the applicable regulations in the field of personal data protection.

Please send your requests or possible complaints to the following address to the contact person for personal data protection: NAUTIKA PRESENT DOO NOVI SAD, Ilije Birčanina 13, Novi Sad, Email: nautika@present-group.com, phone: +381214729180.

If you believe that the processing of your personal data violates legal requirements, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent data protection authority.
If you have given your consent for our processing of your personal data, you have the right to revoke your consent at any time. The lawfulness of the processing of your personal data before revocation remains unchanged. Such data can be further processed on the basis of another valid legal basis, e.g. to meet our legal obligations.


Users use the company’s website solely at their own risk. The user entirely accepts that the company cannot be held responsible on any grounds for the behavior of other users and visitors, as well as that the risk of possible damage due to access to the website is borne entirely and exclusively by those persons, in accordance with the law.

For the accuracy of the data provided by users when registering or visiting the website are held responsible the users who provided the data. The Company does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or user content posted by users of the website.

Comments, ratings and other content posted by users on the website must be accurate and correct, and the users who entered them are responsible for the accuracy of this information.

This limitation of the company’s liability applies to all types of damage (material and non-material) or injuries and damages that could arise from hidden defects, errors, interruptions, deletions, malfunctions, delays in the operation or transmission of computer viruses, communication interruptions, theft, destruction or unauthorized access to data, alteration or misuse of data by users and third parties, behaivours contrary to these terms of use and on other grounds.

The Company is not responsible for the unavailability of the website for any reason, or for the partial or complete non-functioning or malfunction of the website, or for technical problems that may cause delays or incorrect data processing, unless caused by intentional actions of the company or by gross carelessness. The website may be temporarily unavailable or available to a limited extent due to regular or extraordinary system maintenance, or in the event of a system upgrade.

In Novi Sad,

Date: 09.11.2020.